A House Divided

This work was a labor. A labor of love of country, and of democracy. A labor of love of family. And a labor of love of history.

I think we will all remember where we were on January 6, 2021. Just like we remember where we were on Sept. 11th. It is just one of those dates we will remember. 

What happened that day, is a story that needed to be told. But not by us, nor the media. I wanted to tell the story from the people that were there. Not from one side, but from both. I tried to maintain some neutrality, so if this work seems slanted in one direction or another- it is not my doing, but theirs

    I have spent the last18 months and countless hours of research going through hundreds of social media accounts and collecting thousands of tweets and images from January 6th, and the days just before.  I spent hundreds of dollars printing out all of these tweets and images on paper, cardstock and as photographs. I carefully documented the words of each House member from January 6th - both the tweets they shared and the ones they deleted. These words and pictures were compiled onto two 36 x 36 inch panels.

   There were so many, my panels were not big enough and not all would fit, I am now in the process of creating videos with them, so ALL House members are represented.   

They tell a story,  and what a story it is. 

   A story of joy & excitement of House members anxious to get started certifying the vote, that quickly turned to fear and anger as the Capitol was overrun.

   The other tells the story of insurrection. Of House members celebrating the thought of a civil war and the idea of a second "1776". Of fighting. Of violence. Of subverting an American election.

   These panels contain, not my words, but theirs, along with Abraham Lincoln's speech from the Republican State Convention in Springfield Illinois in 1858. How relevant that speech was in 1858 and again on January 6, 2021.

I have tried to keep my opinions out of this work and hope the viewer will feel free to feel what they will.

Thank you for visiting!

I hope you were as moved by this work as I am. I am asking for your support of this project. I have hundreds of additional words and images that I would  like to catalog, organize and put into a video. While this project has been self-funded so far, I am asking for your support. If you could invest in me and my work, it would be greatly appreciated. I would like to exhibit this finished work as it is now a part of our American history. 

You can help with any size contribution. Your support is key in getting this project completed.



Because of your interest in this project and continued support for this artist, we would love for you to be involved with the video. 

After your donation, if interested, I will email you a list of three questions regarding January 6th. I would love to include your feelings of that day into the video, as a documentation of how ordinary Americans were feeling that day as they watched events unfold.