A House Divided

Updated: Oct 14

Finally. The panels in this work are finished. This work was a labor. A labor of love of country. A labor of love of democracy. A labor of love of family. And a labor of love of history. January 6th 2021 was a story I believed needed to be told by the participants. In their own words. How they were feeling that day: Their joy. Their fear. Their anticipation. Their horror.

I spent 18 months and countless hours of research going through hundreds of social media accounts and collecting thousands of tweets and images from that day while spending hundreds printing them out on paper, cardstock and as photographs. I carefully documented the words of each House member from January 6th - both the tweets they shared and the ones they deleted. These words were compiled onto two 36 x 36 inch panels. They were hardly big enough.

They tell a story. One panel shows the excitement of House members anxious to get started certifying the vote, that quickly turned to fear and anger as the Capitol was overrun.

The other panel tells the story of insurrection. Of House members celebrating the thought of a civil war and the idea of a second "1776". Of fighting. Of violence. Of subverting an American election.

These panels contain, not my words, but theirs. And Abraham Lincolns' from his speech at the Republican State Convention in Springfield Illinois in 1858. How relevant that speech was in 1858 and on January 6 2021. I have tried to keep my opinions out of this work and hope the viewer will feel free to feel what they will.

I believe this work is important and should be shared. It is a part of history and a platform where all of the work has been done and you can read for yourself, all in one place, what was happening that day as it happened. To that end, I am raising money to fund an online exhibition for the next month or two, in which I can include all of my research as well as to give the viewer the ability to zoom in on the canvases to read them in their entirety, as well as much larger or more canvases to fit all of the material. If I raise enough, I will be looking for a place to exhibit in either Chicago or Springfield, Il. If you would like to help me bring this work to the public forum, please donate what you can through the PayPal link. If you would like to be a part of this project, please read on.

I found while doing this, that I have compiled so much material, it would not fit onto the two canvases I started on. Therefore, I am also putting the unused tweets and photos and miscellaneous other relevant information into two videos; one with images and one with tweets. I am also looking for folks who would like to be part of this project. If you are interested in answering two or three questions for me, either in writing, or audio or video to be included in the video project, feel free to reach out. I am interested in your honest thoughts and feelings about the images from January 6th and am not interested in bashing anyone. I want to create an honest dialogue, and basically not just an anti-TFG rant. I will email you some questions and/or images and am looking for your feelings.

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