"Open Spaces" Leather or Satin Tote Bag 2022

"Open Spaces" Leather or Satin Tote Bag 2022

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I love doing color studies! One of the most relaxing, meditative things for me is blending colors and seeing where they go. This tote bag embodies freedom and open spaces with its many shades of blue. This take everywhere bag will bring the ocean and adventure with you wherever you go


Our production partner Contrado believes in sustainability which is why we are working with them! Each bag/purse is made to order  to reduce landfill through responsible end-to-end production and to increase consciousness of sustainability & introduce eco-friendliness to our customers.



Please allow 7 - 10 business days for your order. 



  • Every part of your new handmade tote bag is handmade by artisans in London. . Each custom bag is printed onto Duchess satin fabric or on your choice of either smooth or textured 100% real Nappa leather. These materials were chosen thanks to its superior print quality, which can be likened to a photograph. The ink is chemically bonded to the fabric, ensuring a vibrant and lasting print. This will keep your new bag looking fresh and contemporary for years, as the ink does not fade or rub off. 

    The printing method we use makes your custom printed tote bag design as strong as the leather that it is printed on. We use beautiful Nappa  leather to make your personalized leather bags.

    The fabric is printed, cut by hand and then sewn together by our talented seamstresses. This