Passion. Flower. Leather or Satin Tote Bag 2022

Passion. Flower. Leather or Satin Tote Bag 2022

PriceFrom $119.95

I love the boldness and audacity of red. I am drawn to this color with its fiery shades that invoke passion and power. Furthermore, I combined both the passion of red and the sensuality of flowers to create this bold, eye-catching bag. It draws the eye and commands attention in the room.

The painting tht this bag is printed with is an absolute stunner! As you will be with this tote on your arm!


Our production partner Contrado believes in sustainability which is why we are working with them! Each bag/purse is made to order  to reduce landfill through responsible end-to-end production and to increase consciousness of sustainability & introduce eco-friendliness to our customers.



Please allow 7 - 10 business days for your order.