Spirit of A Woman

Spirit of A Woman


When you look up “lion symbolism” you get words like bravery, courage, justice, OR strong and fierce.  A leader. Throughout history, the characteristics of the lion have mainly been identified with men. I reject that.  This painting is a testament to that rejection.

Women know bravery. Bravery is the woman that battles cancer, mental health issues or domestic abuse and still endures.  Women are no stranger to courage. Courage rages in the spirit of a woman who dares live her truth no matter her age, and the women on the front lines fighting for their rights and recognition. Bravery and courage resonate from women as they take on a society that says you are less than,  or “know your place”. Bravery and courage are the mothers, daughters, doctors, nurses, congressional leaders, marchers, organizers, each and every woman who stands up and demands change.

The women saying, “no more”, and running for office, making our laws and prosecuting the law breakers, you understand justice.

That is why I chose the lion. We ARE the lion- strong, brave, courageous and fierce.  


This incredible painting is acrylic, paper and paste on a wood panel. Wide edges with no need to frame. 

Shipped via crate. Free shipping.